In Alanya and nearby settlements, active preparations for the upcoming tourist season and
annual work on the improvement of public spaces are now underway.
On the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, especially in Alanya, there is a very lush vegetation.
Evergreen trees are planted on almost all streets. Ficuses, magnolias and citrus fruits
predominate. In order for the streets and squares to look neat and well-groomed, it is
necessary to cut the branches of the trees and shape the shrubs every year.
In some parts of the coastline, beach clearing has already begun. Winter storms bring with
them a lot of branches and other debris, which is also carefully removed by city services,
and the sand is sifted with special equipment. Beach cafes and restaurants have already
opened in some places. Soon the water in the sea will warm up to a comfortable
temperature, and it will be possible to swim.