About Us

RE/MAX ART Real Estate Consultancy

Remax ART serves selling, buying and renting in the name of institutional and individual customers thanks to Turkey’s and international network web in 125 countries.

We ensure the customers that we repressent with professional co-workers in the renting, selling and buying process with the reconstruction, law, tax legislation.

  • Determining the requirement area suitable for descriptions

  • Searching for property and preparing suitable portfolio

  • Interviews with the property owners

  • Consultancy and technical legal councelling services in the contract process

  • Price analysis and expertise

  • Preparing marketing plan according to the sales or rents which recently have taken place

  • Taking photo and video recording service

  • Using social media and digital marketing

  • Caring for each one of the candidates of buyers or tennants, keeping a record and pursuance

  • Presenting and certifying the market activities with written reports

  • Completing the selling or renting process with the best profit